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Rainbow Spinning Bells
Rainbow Spinning Bells
Price : $56.00

Availability: In Stock Prod. Code: BELL3

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Tolo Jack in the Box
Tolo Jack in the Box
Price : $32.95

Availability: In Stock Prod. Code: TL89285

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Janod Paris Music Box
Janod Paris Music Box
Price : $48.95

Availability: In Stock Prod. Code: J02867

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Remo Small Lollipop Drum
Remo Small Lollipop Drum
Price : $31.25

Availability: In Stock Prod. Code: HTR73

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Children's Musical Instruments and Kids Toys Online

Most importantly Kids Music Toys puts music in your life. We don't just have kids educational toys, but a variety of wooden toys that encourage interaction and creativity.  We do this by actively engaging children in music making rather than just allowing them to be passive consumers. Mums everywhere are looking for activities for toddlers and young children. This can begin at home with the right selection of childrens toys. You can begin with a collection of hand held percussion instruments such as maracas, castanets, triangles, bells and rhythm sticks, all at very affordable prices. There are lots of musical props as well for little dancers such as scarves, ribbons and balls. You can then add some larger pieces to expand your collection. Choose from the wonderful classic brands like Plan Toys, Melissa and Doug and Tolo toys.

We have beautiful, award winning, European designs from France and Italy such as Janod, Sevi and Boikido. Elegant, classic designs in eye catching colours are a feature of these brands. Plan Toys, I'm Toy and EverEarth are green toy companies awarded for their environmentally friendly toys made from sustainable rubberwood. Plan Toys Solid Wooden Drum and Oval Xylophone are favourites the world over. Remo is a highly respected manufactuer of quality drums and percussion instruments such as the famous Floor Toms and Lollipop Drums.

Making music is not only fun, but it's educational as well with many social, emotional and intellectual benefits important for your child's development. You can read all about the benefits of music.

So if you are looking for educational toys, baby toys, or children's musical instruments that are:
• Brightly coloured and appealing to young children.
• Easy to play
• Classic and award winning designs
• Educationally sound, then..

Thank you for taking the time to visit this site. If you have any queries please contact us or visit our blog. Enjoy browsing!

Happy music making,
Christine Gora